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episode 227: Daily: An insider threat deadline approaches. Lawful intercept tools from Italy. Carbanak moves to new targets. Security policy in Germany and the US. A guilty plea in the TalkTalk hack.

In today's podcast, we hear about some lawful intercept tools that have been found prospecting Android. Synack calls shenanigans on Shazam, but maybe no harm, no foul. Carbanak turns from banks to hospitality. Insider threats and how to mitigate them—if you've got a facility clearance, you've got a deadline coming up, and Steven Grossman from Bay Dynamics explains what it means. Arlington Capital merges three of its companies into a new cyber shop, Polaris Alpha. Symantec is rumored to be sniffing at LifeLock. Cyber policy discussions in Germany and the US sound a lot alike. Jonathan Katz from the University of Maryland explains the pros and cons of photonic encryption. A teenager cops to the TalkTalk hack, and, if you're asking for a friend, the tally of accounts affected by the AdultFriendFinder breach hits 412 million.

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 November 16, 2016  16m