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MacVoices #15067: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of PDFpen 7

Michael E. Cohen just finished Take Control of PDFpen 7 to help you get up and running on the latest and greatest edition of Smile’s PDF utility. From the new features to the new interface, Michael gives you a guided tour of PDFpen 7, provides some examples of how you might use PFDpen’s power, and even profiles the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. He also discusses the extra features of PDFpenPro 7, the implications of buying directly from Smile or through the Mac App Store, and Smie’s decision to make this a Yosemite-only version.

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Michael E. Cohen has worked as a teacher, a programmer, a Web designer, a multimedia producer, and a certified usability analyst. He's the author or co-author of several books, including The iPad Project Book, Apple Training Series: iLife (iLife '09 Edition), Take Control of Syncing Data in Snow Leopard, and Take Control of PDFpen 6.  


PDFpen 7 (Smile)

PDFpenPro 7 (Smile)

PDFpen 7 - SmileOnMyMac, LLC Mac App Store

PDFpenPro 7 - SmileOnMyMac, LLC Mac App Store

PDFpen 2 - Highlight, Markup, Edit, Fill & Sign PDF docs - SmileOnMyMac, LLC (for iPhone and iPad)

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 March 2, 2015  42m