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GRIMM Has a Party Animal

GRIMM<br> Episode 605 “The Seven Year Itch”<br> Written by Jeff Miller<br> Directed by Lee Rose<p></p> [recap by Maia Ades]<p></p> The Grimm count down continues. This is turning out to be a strong half season. It's an odd feeling knowing these are the last episodes of a show I've been following and writing about from the first episode to the last.<p></p> It seems that, at least for now, the Wesen of the week is back. This week's monster was a cicada. Full disclosure: I'm not fond of cicadas. I don't mind them in the trees making their repetitive drone. But get one too close to me and I'm apt to behave more like a middle school girl rather than an experienced adult. I've been working on this phobia for years. I think I'm making progress. However, seeing a man size cicada did kinda creep me out. There were parts of this episode that were hard for me to watch. I won't lie.<p></p> Did anyone else wonder if there is another version of this Wesen that emerges every seventeen years? Different kinds of cicadas have different lengths of time that they remain underground. There are over 190 varieties of cicadas just in North America.<p></p> This episode also furthered our main characters' stories. It didn't give us many answers, but I think those will come.


 2017-02-05  43m