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SinCast - Episode 57 - You Got Hosed: Best Un-Nominated Movie Roles

They may not technically be snubs... but the fellas from SinCast run down the greatest un-nominated performances in film. From Goodman to Scorcese to Zero Dark Thirty, there are a ton of missed opportunities to award greatness. 

Also, the greatness continues on "WTF: They Didn't Win?!?!" The results may surprise you... one of the best films of all time didn't win the Oscar in its year? One of the greatest directors of all time got screwed HOW many times? Join SinCast for those answers and more. 

All this plus listener questions about non-English speaking actors, best costumes, and giving movie villains some perspective on this week's brand new SinCast!

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 2017-02-06  2h9m