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GRIMM Doesn't Give Sweet Dreams

GRIMM<br> Episode 606 “Breakfast In Bed”<br> Written by Kyle Mc Vey<br> Directed by Julie Herlocker<p></p> Do you feel like GRIMM is bringing their story to a close? How do you feel about more police cases being introduced? Personally, I have mixed feelings. I see the ground work being laid for a grand finale. And it looks like the very final episode will be to tie up lose ends. I guess my biggest question is how many lose ends will there be and will they be able to do that in one episode.<p></p> For the second week in a row there's a surprise at the end of the episode. Maia was especially fond of the hungry, hungry hippo last week, but didn't get the joke in this one. Teresa knew what was up, though. She caught that the last name of the man at the end of the hall was Herring. And when he woged at the end, what was he... a red Herring. Yes, very clever GRIMM folks. These are the jokes. We're here till March 31, when the final episode airs.


 2017-02-11  41m