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SinCast - Episode 58 - Here's to the Ones Who Dream: 2016 in Film

The SinCast crew finally puts a bow on 2016 by reviewing the best (and worst) of the year. From quietly huge Star Wars stories to lackluster blockbusters, all the way to an excellent last few months, the guys have you covered! 

Also, the guys are joined by movie critic extraordinaire and all around amazing guy Aaron Dicer of the Your Movie Friend YouTube channel and the SiftPop Podcast on iTunes. Tweet him up @aarondicer on the Tweeter. 

Which will win the best movie of 2016? A revamped Western with electric performances? A thoughtful sci-fi piece (that's not Passengers) with human emotions? A modern musical for the ages??? If there's one certainty in life, it's that the consensus pick will not involve a dramatic "Martha" moment... 

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 2017-02-13  2h22m