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Wikispeech: Listening to Wikipedia

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host John Andersson
In Stockholm Guest While Wikipedia is very much an essential source where so many people go to find information; information that is most often text based. One might think for all its functionality there must be an option somewhere to press a button and be able to hear articles, it iss probably there but you never tried it – right? The reality is that open license text to speech is not a function universally available on Wikipedia. However – in 2017 – that is about to change. Our guest today is John Andersson of Wikimedia Sverige, and with his help we’re learning about the game changing exension known as Wikispeech. We’ll also look into some historical cases of text to speech within Wikipedia. Now more than ever, we’re listening to what is possible and what it means for the internet as we know it. Logo by ElioQoshi (CC0)

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 2017-02-16  30m