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SinCast - Episode 59 - The BEST of the Best: Battle for the Best Movie Since We've Been Alive

Some of you asked for it, some of you demanded it, some of you were mildly interested... here's something for all three! The SinCast crew breaks down the previous winners of the "best of the years we've been alive" segment, pits them against each other, along with other incredible movies that didn't win their year. 

Join the guys as they unveil their picks for the best of the best, and who plays who in each round! Play along by printing or viewing your own bracket at

All this plus YOUR questions are answered, including a timely game of "Cast the best Batman movie!" Also, villains you love to hate and hate to love, and an honest assessment of movie feats the guys could accomplish. 

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 2017-02-20  1h56m