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Berlin Belly - the food podcast from Berlin, featuring conversations with the fantastic women working in the Berlin food community! The Berlin Belly podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe. Available on Podcast app for iPhone; iTunes; Stitcher for Android and Soundcloud. Contact:


Laura Villanueva Guerra - Tausendsuend

WELCOME! To a brand new episode of Berlin Belly - the food podcast featuring my conversations with the hard-working and talented women of the Berlin food scene. My guest is Laura Villenueva Guera, a Berlin-based organic food creator and cake designer, under the name Tausendsünd. Laura will be preparing food for the Vegan Queens dinner, Thursday 26 Jan @ No. 58 Speiserei. Book your place: Artwork by Nilina Mason-Campbell Music "Let's start at the beginning" by Lee Rosevere


 2017-01-25  26m