Berlin Belly

Berlin Belly - the food podcast from Berlin, featuring conversations with the fantastic women working in the Berlin food community! The Berlin Belly podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe. Available on Podcast app for iPhone; iTunes; Stitcher for Android and Soundcloud. Contact:


Kathe Kaczmarzyk - Levain Berlin

Berlin Belly Season 2! We're back with brand new episodes of the Berlin Belly food podcast, getting to know the wonderful women of the Berlin food industry. Our first guest of season 2 is Kathe Kaczmarzyk of Levain Berlin, Kathe teaches fermentation workshops in Berlin, you can find the full list of workshops (and ticket links) for August and September 2016 over on the Levain Berlin facebook page - Berlin Belly is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe and recorded at Flux FM.


 2016-08-14  32m