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Fräulein Kimchi + Brew Dog Berlin

Part 1: Fräulein Kimchi! Part 2: Brew Dog! This week, Lauren Lee - aka Fräulein Kimchi - talks with Elizabeth about the food journey which led from Lauren's arrival in Berlin as an opera singer, to her new restaurant, also called Fräulein Kimchi, which opened in Berlin last month. Fräuelin Kimchi is taking part in Berlin Food Week at the House of Food on Friday October 2nd. In part 2, Larissa and Dean from Brew Dog, the Scottish craft beer company, stop by to share the news about Brew Dog's new space in Berlin - a draught beer house, kitchen and in-house "bottledog". Listen out for the call for applications as they're hiring lots of new staff here!


 2015-09-29  28m