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Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Call Everyday at 7:25am for a chance to play!


Spence wins another easy game today... When will someone put up a fight? All you have to do is Tie Spence in "Spence's Challenge" and you can win $248! But if you beat Spence, you'll win $1,248! Listen, Play, Win!

1.Walking Dead fans went nuts on the internet after what fake looking animal appeared on Sunday's episode?     A: A DEER 
2.On a recent podcast, who did Lebron James apologize to?     A: HIS WIFE
3.Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of which soon-to-be former Strip headliner?       A: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
4.What kind of place is "latitude Margaritaville" in Daytona Beach, Florida?     A: RETIREMENT COMMUNITY
5.Katy Perry is looking dfor new friends after walking a red carpet with what in her teeth?    A: QUINOA 


 2017-03-07  12m