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GRIMM Meets the Godfather of Death

GRIMM<br> Episode 6:10 “Blood Magic”<br> Written by Thomas Ian Griffith<br> Directed by Janice Cooke<p></p> Folks, the end is getting close. This is episode ten. That means only three more are left. Are you planning your watch parties for March 31st? I'd love to hear what fans are planning for the final episode. It would also be fun to see your party pics.<p></p> Our A storyline is the police case. It centers around the question about what happens when a Wesen suffers from dementia. In this case, it has deadly consequences. We have two different senior Wesen, both suffering severe dementia. One resides in a long term care facility and the other is still at home. Mr. Stanton resides at home. His wife has been trying to manage his symptoms by herself. She's not very effective in her goal. He goes wandering off on two separate occasions and kills two people. Not only does he kill them, but he kills them with speed, strength and ferocity that doesn't seem remotely plausible for this older gentleman. <p></p> The B storyline is all about Eve. And yes, she's earned the name Eve once again. Her hair is tightly back on her head. She can woge at will and she has a very Hexeniest oriented goal. Full review here:


 2017-03-11  42m