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A GRIMM Look Into Schrödinger's Mirror

GRIMM<br> Episode 6:11 “Where the Wild Things Were”<br> Written by Brenna Kouf<br> Directed by Terrence O'Hara<p></p> Eve (Elizabeth Tulloch) gets in trouble when she steps through the mirror. But it Diana doesn't look like she'll follow. In fact, most of the main characters are being uncharacteristically pragmatic. How odd that now, with the last couple of episodes to go, they are finally being sensible.<p></p> Teresa Wickersham had a good theory about why the episode is called "Where the Wild Things Were". She thinks maybe when they stepped through the mirror they actually went back in time. Anyone have a good theory they'd like to share on why the Wesen are always woged in "the other place"? Perhaps they are primitive Wesen and woging at will was an evolutionary aspect of Wesen. The concern for Eve is that she will woge and be stuck in her Hexenbiest form.<p></p> Unfortunately Nick is still a bland character.<p></p> Read the full review here:


 2017-03-18  51m