Global Pillage

Global Pillage is a brand new comedy panel show podcast all about idiom, culture, customs and norms.What do the Japanese mean when they accuse someone of "having a cat on their head"?What do your friends make you do if you're unmarried by thirty in Germany?What did the acronym NORWICH mean (the equivalent of sexting jargon) if sent between World War Two sweethearts?All the oddness of humanity is explored in this hilarious new show where TWO TEAMS OF COMEDIANS take on the HIVE MIND OF THE AUDIENCE. This show is about the diversity of human experience. Come with us as we pillage the globe for the strange but true ways of the human race.Comedians booked for the first series include Sara Pascoe, Nish Kumar, Felicity Ward, Yasmine Akram, Sofie Hagen, Bisha K. Ali and Sarah Bennetto.The show is hosted by Deborah Frances-White - co-host of The Guilty Feminist Podcast and from Radio 4's Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice. With Ned Sedgwick in Pedants Corner and Mark Hodge on keyboard.For more info go to or sign up to our mailing list.


1.6 Globalisation with Yasmine Akram, Tiff Stevenson, Sofie Hagen and Danielle Ward

Global Pillage
Season 1. Episode 6: "Globalisation"
Recorded 28 May at Kings Place in London. Released 15 August 2016.

Tiff Stevenson and Danielle Ward vs Sofie Hagen and Yasmine Akram vs the Hive Mind of the Audience.

Hosted and created by Deborah Frances-White. Questions set by Ned Sedgwick. Music by Mark Hodge. Recording engineer: Chris Sharp. Produced by Tom Salinsky for The Spontaneity Shop.

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 2016-08-15  46m