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The GRIMM Brings the Devil With Him

GRIMM<br> Episode 6:12 “Zerstörer Shrugged”<br> Story by David Greenwalt &amp; Jim Kouf<br> Directed by Aaron Lipstadt<p></p> This is the only episode in which the writer's credit has been listed as "story by" rather than "written by", which may or may not be significant, but it's odd enough for us to notice.<p></p> We've seen these characters go through a lot. We've seen them take new lovers, change lovers, have babies, lose loved ones and learn so much along the way. Will you follow these actors on their new adventures or is it the characters they portrayed that are of interest to you? Either way, we'd like to hear from you and find out what brought you to Grimm and why you've become a fan. Send us a note:<p></p> I think the title comes from the nonchalant manner in which our antagonist, the Zerstörer killed most everyone in his path. He didn't kill all the drunks under the bridge, and I don't know why he bothered to kill the one. The guy wasn't a threat. He could have just turned and kept on walking. Or he could have killed all of them with one wave of his staff, but he didn't do any of those things. Instead, he killed just one of them. Was it to learn another snippet of our language? Was it to prove to us how deadly he was? Was it to make sure he was easy to find by following the trail of dead bodies he left behind?<p></p> And wow! The end of this episode was painful... <p></p> Read the full recap here:


 2017-03-25  44m