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"The End" for GRIMMLY SPEAKING? It's a GRIMM Life

GRIMM<br> Episode 6:13 “The End”<br> Written by David Greenwalt &amp; Jim Kouf<br> Directed by David Greenwalt<p></p> [recap by Maia Ades]<p></p> Here it is, our last GRIMM episode post. We may do a series wrap up at a later date, but this is the last episode and last post covering one of the episodes. Overall the writers did a good job of wrapping this series up. Some niggling issues with some of their choices, but it did bring the story to a conclusion.<p></p> Talk about cramming story in. This episode is still only 43 minutes long. I thought since it was the series finale that they might make it a longer episode. Instead they put it all in one regular length show. It manages, to not only give us some catch up scenes of what came before, flash backs of bits from the original pilot, it also manages to have the final battle and resolve it all in the end. And that is probably the highest compliment I can pay this episode. It manages to wrap up a series that has been playing out its storylines for the past five and half seasons. It does a fairly good job of resolving many loose ends. It doesn't go back and resolve story ideas from some of the first seasons, but I'll forgive them at this point. GRIMM has been building to a huge showdown, an ultimate battle for the world as we know it. Or actually the world GRIMM has built, which, let's be clear, is not the same world I live in. So, they had to give us a pay off for the long build up to that. They also had to leave their audience with an ending that they would be happy with. This ending probably didn't make everyone happy, but if they'd left all our favorite characters dead, there just might have been riots in the streets.


 2017-04-01  54m