The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool

Not your average Old School Show. The Throwback Lounge takes you to another stratosphere. Great old school, with fresh new R&B, Funk, and Dance for your music journey. Check us out, and you'll be glad you did. 1 LOVE!!


The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool-The Gap Band

Peace family. I had done this spotlight at the inception of the show. However, I couldn't find the original file. Hopefully it will turn up. That said, this one will hopefully compensate for that. The Gap Band cannot be treated as though they were second rate. Folks know Charlie Wilson as we see him right now. However, we are re-missed if we didn't mention the impact of Charlie, along with his brothers Ronnie, and the late Robert Wilson aka The Godfather On The Bass. This time around, I hope you all will enjoy the spotlight that was put together and that the cuts spotlighted will continue to spread plenty of love and joy to each one of you. Oh yeah, don't forget the other suspects in the lineup of this episode of the show, from The Chi-Lites, The Dramatics, Enchantment, etc. Don't forget also to log on 24/7 at, for more of your old school jams. Thanks for tuning in, and remember-tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend, all about The Throwback Lounge. It's not just a show... It's an experience!! 1 LOVE ;-) PLAYLIST OPENING CUT:FUNKENTELECHY-PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELLIC 1.SHAKE-THE GAP BAND 2.OUTSTANDING-THE GAP BAND 3.BETTER LOVE-LUTHER VANDROSS 4.CAUSE YOU LOVE ME BABY-DENIECE WILLIAMS 5.AIN'T NOTHIN' WRONG-K.C. & THE SUNSHINE BAND 6.LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER-FAT LARRY'S BAND 7.I DON'T BELIEVE YOU WANNA GET UP AND DANCE-THE GAP BAND 8.HUMPIN'-THE GAP BAND 9.RIGOR MORTIS-CAMEO 10.GIVE IT ON UP-MTUME' 11.I SHOULDA LOVED YA-NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN 12.I'M THE ONE, YOU'RE THE ONE-M.C.B. 13.BURN RUBBER ON ME-THE GAP BAND 14.JAM THE MOTHA'-THE GAP BAND 15.HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT-SHARON JONES AND THE DAP KINGS 16.(FOR GOD'S SAKE)GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE-THE CHI-LITES 17.GET UP GET DOWN-THE DRAMATICS 18.EARLY IN THE MORNING-THE GAP BAND 19.I FOUND MY BABY-THE GAP BAND 20.NEW BEGINNING-DEXTER WANSEL 21.YOU ARE MY HEAVEN-ROBERTA FLACK AND DONNY HATHAWAY 22.SHE'S MY SHINING STAR-FATBACK BAND 23.POSIN' TIL CLOSIN'-HEATWAVE CHAMPAGNE HOUR 24.GOING IN CIRCLES-THE GAP BAND 25.YOU ARE MY HIGH-THE GAP BAND 26.ALL I WANT IS YOU-SURFACE 27.EVERLOVE-CON FUNK SHUN 28.PASSIONATE BREEZES-THE DELLS 29.SEASONS NO REASON TO CHANGE-THE GAP BAND 30.NO HIDING PLACE-THE GAP BAND 31.JUST FOR YOU-GEORGE DUKE 32.(WON'T YOU)STAY WITH ME-L.T.D. 33.BUTTERFLY-DONALD BYRD & 125TH ST. NYC 34.REAL LOVE-LAKESIDE 35.YEARNING FOR YOUR LOVE-THE GAP BAND 36.I'M IN LOVE-THE GAP BAND 37.YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME-DONNY HATHAWAY 38.IT'S YOU THAT I NEED-ENCHANTMENT 39.YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD-HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES 40.LET ME BE THE CLOCK-SMOKEY ROBINSON 41.DO YOU HAVE THE TIME-THE YOUNGHEARTS


 2014-09-30  4h25m