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Core Strength with Nicola Cairncross

Core Strength by Nicola  Cairncross

Nicola Cairncross is the Founder of the self funded 6-figure startup and co-host of Own It! Your Business & Your Life Podcast. Nicola left school at 16 with only three core skills: the ability to talk, a love of books and the ability to type.

You may connect with Nicola through her Facebook page, Twitter – @nicolacairnx, or her websites and

Discovering the internet

Nicola's work involves coming up with digital strategy for businesses and helping implement it. Her business specializes in Facebook ads. Nicola shared how she got discovered the internet which led her to making websites. Even at the start, Nicola loved the way the internet connected everybody all over the world. She also talked about how she loved distance learning and how she started the first UK-based wealth creation education company. Nicola further discussed the numerous businesses that she has had over the years as well as the huge impact on her life made by the property crash in 2010.

Discovering podcasts

Although Nicola admitted that she is more of a visual person than an audio person, she was able to start a podcast way back in 2000. She has listened to numerous podcast and these podcasts paved the way for her to learn, to come up with more ideas,  and to appreciate this medium more. She mentioned how the book The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris helped her greatly.

Nicola also shared how she learned and developed her podcasting skills and how she worked again with Judith Morgan for the Own It podcast. She also talked about her regrets, her lifeworks, her success, her biggest achievements, and her core strength.

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