The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool

Not your average Old School Show. The Throwback Lounge takes you to another stratosphere. Great old school, with fresh new R&B, Funk, and Dance for your music journey. Check us out, and you'll be glad you did. 1 LOVE!!


The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool-The Jones Girls

What's the definition of underrated? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, it is to underestimate the extent, value or importance of someone or something. That said, who can argue that The Jones' Girls are underrated? As we look at r&b/soul music over these last 40+ years, they are by far one of the most underrated groups of all-time. Is it because of the background work they did for so many of the stars at their label, Philly International? Or, is it because their output of music doesn't rival that of their counterparts like Sister Sledge or The Emotions? At any rate, The Jones' Girls stand out like a sore thumb. Their harmony, range, and stage presence very much stood out. They deserve way more than what the industry has given them. Hopefully, this episode does them justice. Just sit back and listen gang, along with some Incognito, Norman Connors, Leroy Hutson, etc. Oh yeah, don't forget your old school 24/7 at Thanks for tuning in, and remember---Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend, all about The Throwback Lounge. It's not just a show.... It's an experience!!! 1 LOVE ;-) PLAYLIST OPENING CUT: STREET LIFE-THE CRUSADERS AND RANDY CRAWFORD 1.KEEP IT COMIN'-THE JONES' GIRLS 2.I FOUND THAT MAN OF MINE-THE JONES' GIRLS 3.WAS THAT ALL IT WAS-JEAN CARNE 4.MAKE THAT MOVE-SHALAMAR 5.PERFECT LOVE-ATLANTIC STARR 6.IN AND OUT-WILLIE HUTCH 7.DANCE TURNED INTO A ROMANCE-THE JONES GIRLS 8.NIGHTS OVER EGYPT-THE JONES GIRLS 9.HI, HOW YA' DOIN'?-KENNY G. 10.STELLA-NORMAN CONNORS FEAT. LEE RITENOUR 11.TRUE TO MYSELF-INCOGNITO 12.SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL-BREAKWATER 13.YOU GONNA MAKE ME LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE-THE JONES GIRLS 14.YOU CAN'T HAVE MY LOVE-THE JONES GIRLS 15.STEPPIN' OUT-KOOL AND THE GANG 16.CRAZY-THE MANHATTANS 17.DANCING LADY-ATG 18.BABY I'M SCARED OF YOU-WOMACK & WOMACK 19.WHEN I'M GONE-THE JONES GIRLS 20.LET'S CELEBRATE-THE JONES GIRLS 21.SUMMER FLING-THE O'JAYS 22.PARADISE-LEROY HUTSON 23.FALLIN' LIKE DOMINOES-DONALD BYRD 24.HOT ON A THING(CALLED LOVE)-THE CHI LITES CHAMPAGNE HOUR 25.I'M AT YOUR MERCY-THE JONES GIRLS 26.WHY YOU WANNA DO THAT TO ME-THE JONES GIRLS 27.I NEED YOU-MAURICE WHITE 28.THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU-ROBERTA FLACK AND DONNY HATHAWAY 29.JUST AS LONG AS WE HAVE LOVE-THE SPINNERS FEAT. DIONNE WARWICK 30.FOR YOU-STARPOINT 31.GET AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU CAN-THE JONES GIRLS 32.I JUST LOVE THE MAN-THE JONES GIRLS 33.BECAUSE IT'S REALLY LOVE-LUTHER VANDROSS 35.ALL I DO IS THINK OF YOU-THE JACKSON 5 36.LOOK AFTER LOVE-HEATWAVE 37.CHANGIN' MY TONE-LES DION 38.WHO CAN I RUN TO-THE JONES GIRLS 39.LOVE DON'T EVER SAY GOODBYE-THE JONES GIRLS 40.CAN'T GIVE YOU UP-MIDNIGHT STAR 41.VERY SPECIAL-DEBRA AND RONNIE LAWS 42.MY SHIP WON'T SAIL WITHOUT YOU-THE DRAMATICS 43.JUST SHOPPING(NOT BUYING ANYTHING)-THE DRAMATICS CLOSING CUT: IN THE THICK OF IT-BRENDA RUSSELL


 2014-11-17  4h28m