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Feeding Your Inner Beast with Cesare Rocchi

Cesare Rocchi is a software maker, speaker and writer. He is currently working on Podrover. He blogs at Upbeat and he hosts the Cocoaconf podcast.

You may connect with Cesare by checking out the Podrover website or follow him on Twitter – @_funkyboy.

Discovering podcasts

Cesare discovered podcasts in 2004 when iTunes introduced the support for podcast. At that time, he didn't explore it by listening or starting one himself. He shared the story of what led him to guesting on various podcasts and eventually hosting his own podcast. Cesare also talked about his take on the relationship of podcasters to their audience and the usual personalities of podcasters.

Becoming an entrepreneur

According to Cesare, he is currently in transition phase. He likes building and creating things so much that he struggles with the business side of being an entrepreneur. We also talked about letting go of things that Cesare has built and hiring other people to help him in creating. He also shared the story of coming up with the logo for Podrover and where he sees himself in 5 to 10 years from now. For him, feeding his inner beast of being a creator will always be something that he does.

Cesare also shared his favorite podcasts to listen to: 99% Invisible, Reply All, The Pipeline, and The Podcast Method.

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 2016-07-11  28m