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Ohana – Podcasting Family with Todd Cochrane

Ohana – Podcasting Family with Todd Cochrane

Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Blubrry. He is an author, new media and podcast advertising expert, Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee, and a 12-year podcaster! Todd retired from the US Navy in 2007 with experience in Advanced Airborne Avionic Systems to include EW/Radar/CSM/SAR/IR/ with in depth knowledge of RF systems and components. He retired from the US Navy as a Senior Chief with 24 years active service. He has worked as a government tech rep involved in design, installation, operational testing, and evaluation of new mission systems along with managing multiple aircraft modifications across multiple depot repair facilities worldwide.

You may reach Todd via email –, Twitter  – @geeknews, Facebook, and G+.

Long-time podcaster

Todd started podcasting in 2004 and he shared the story of how he got started in podcasting. He talked about how he feels about podcasting and how he relates it to the Hawaii term for family, “Ohana”. Todd also shared the story of how the Blubrry team was born and how his podcast opened up opportunities for him and the Blubrry team. Todd came from a family of entrepreneurs and starting a podcast allowed him to create something and start as an entrepreneur.

Startup business owner

Todd talked about what success means Blubrry and for him nowadays. He also emphasized how important it is to his company that he is a podcaster and understands what podcasting means to their customers. According to Todd, letting go of some ventures for his company is sometimes a necessary business choice and he discussed how he deals with these. He also shared his typical work hours and how having a startup digital business affects his family.

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