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Day in Life of a Startup with Zohar Dayan

Day in Life of a Startup with Zohar Dayan

Zohar Dayan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wibbitz. He is a self-educated software developer and graphic designer with a strong passion for combining smart UX, minimalistic design, and clever technology.

You may reach Zohar via Twitter – @zohardayan.

Converting content from text to video

Video content is easier to consume than written ones. Zohar shared what Wibbitz is all about – a technology that automatically turns text articles into short videos using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He also shared how he came up with the idea for Wibbitz back in college. For Zohar, the best part of his job is bringing his ideas and vision into reality. He talked about what excites and drives him.

Starting early as an entrepreneur

Zohar got his start as an entrepreneur at a young age. He taught himself how to program which was driven by his desire to create things. He also shared how he deals with the ‘boring’ things that come with starting and running a company. We talked about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and his journey before Wibbitz actually came to be. Zohar also shared his experience in attending IDC Herzliya & the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship in Israel where he joined the Zell Entrepreneurship Program.

We also talked about Zohar's definition of success, the typical crazy day in a startup company, and work life balance. Zohan also shared his insight and a few tips on what makes a startup successful.

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 2016-07-06  20m