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Believe in Yourself with Krishna De

Believe in Yourself with Krishna De

Krishna De is a digital strategy and social media communications speaker, commentator, educator, and mentor. She's a judge of several Irish digital marketing awards and developed and leads the certificate and social media communication for the PR Institute of Ireland.

You may connect with Krishna through her website Krishna.Me which lists all her social media accounts.

Doing something different

Krishna talks about what she does – which she thought was not what she was born to do. She works with organizations to come to grips with what they can and need to do in terms of digital and social media. She feels fortunate to speak at conferences and host a couple of different shows. Krishna shared her experiences working at a flower shop, a pharmacy, and a mental hospital.

Working for herself

Krishna has been working for herself since 2005. She shared the turning point for her to shift from being a scientist to being in her own business. She talked about the different work experiences she's had before starting her own business. She has learned so much from the different experiences she's had and these helped her in running her own business. We also talked about Krishna's idea of retirement, her idea of success, and the origins of her name.

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 2016-07-04  24m