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Podcast Production Business with Joshua Rivers

Podcast Production Business with Joshua Rivers Joshua Rivers is an Oklahoma-based podcast producer and podcaster at Podcast Guy Media. He started with websites many years ago which he started to build into a business sometime in 2012-2013. When it didn't get a whole lot of traction, so he started podcasting and producing podcasts. Joshus is currently aiming to build his podcast production business to replace his full-time income. You may connect with Joshua through his websites Podcast Guy Media or The appeal of podcasting Joshua's interest in podcasting started when he heard of Dave Ramsey, initially because of his book. Finding Dave's podcast led Joshua to discover other podcasts that also interest him. After listening to various podcasts, Joshua thought of using his audio skills to start his own podcast. He also shared what his current and biggest hurdle is which he hopes to overcome before the end of the year. We also talked about what Joshua's family and friends think about him leaving his regular job and going into business full-time. The success road Joshua shared his definition of success and he goes by the tagline “Success is not a destination; it's a journey.” According to Joshua, in all aspects of life, being able to progress and to try to push yourself to do better, do more, and keep going, is what's important. We also discussed the lifestyle that Joshua wants to ultimately have. We also talked about regrets that Joshua has, where he sees himself 5 to 10 years from now, their family's homeschooling life, and even the amount of sleep that Joshua gets. I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback – good and bad. Twitter is the best place for it @izabelarussell – welcome to the show! The post Podcast Production Business with Joshua Rivers appeared first on New Media Europe.


 2016-06-27  29m