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WT 001: How Do I Overcome Mommy Guilt?

WT 001: How Do I Overcome Mommy Guilt?

by Karen Stubbs | Wire Talk


We are tackling a big question today: How do I overcome mommy guilt?

Question 1:  “Hoping to feel better about my mommy guilt. Do you have any mantras that I can say in my head when I leave them at the gym child care center or when I tell them “no talking” when I need a few minutes of quiet, or when I lose my cool and end up yelling?”

Karen’s answer: The feelings of guilt are REAL.  I like to ask myself the question, “Have I committed a sin?” Is it a sin leaving my child in the nursery while I go workout? No.

Is it a sin that I am teaching my child what it looks like to have self control? No.

If I’ve not committed a sin, then I shouldn’t feel guilty.  It maybe hard, but it is worth it in the long run to make time for myself, AND to teach my child self control.

Question 2: “If you ever asked for help, did you ever feel guilty for feeling like you couldn’t manage your kids on your own?”

Karen’s answer: Why should I feel guilty because I don’t know how to handle a three year when I’ve NEVER been a mom to a three year old before? Personally, I don’t feel guilty asking for help, I know I don’t have all the answers. I feel wise when I ask for help.  If I was doing any other job, and I ran into a situation that I didn’t know how to handle, I would ask for help and not feel guilty at all. I think we are wise when we reach out for help.

Question 3: “What do you tell yourself when you feel like you’ve maxed out your patience, or feel like you’ve failed as a mom? What makes you get up and tackle the next day with a positive attitude?”

Karen’s answer: Realize tomorrow is always a new day. In the world of motherhood you are going to mess up, lose your cool, make mistakes, give yourself and your family grace.  Grace is what will get you through this journey.

Moms, we know your time is precious. Thank for spending it with us!

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 2016-04-09  20m