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episode 53: Episode 53 - Expo Interviews - The Cost of Coffee

This past weekend we attended the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle where we were able to interview some amazing people in the specialty coffee industry. The first episode in a series of those interviews, we're talking about the cost of coffee with the producer of some of the worlds most expensive and prized coffees - Graciano Cruz, as well as a long-time veteran of the coffee industry in LA who recently started selling cups for just $1, Tonx. Shownotes

  • Ally Coffee
  • Graciano's Los Lajones Estate
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  • LocoL
  • Tonx: LocoL and a One Buck Cup of Coffee
  • NYT: Has Coffee Gotten Too Fancy?
  • Eater: Why LocoL's $1 Coffee Brand Matters
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 2017-04-27  50m