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LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 5/1/17 -- How ‘hell-bent’ is Paul George on coming to the Lakers?

The first round of the NBA Playoffs are officially a thing of the past. The Los Angeles Clippers end their season with exactly as many playoff series wins as the Los Angeles Lakers. Had Paul George forced his way to the Lakers at the trade deadline, turns out he would’ve won exactly as many playoff games as he did this year. This might have something to do with the most recent (and oddly familiar) rumor, regarding his interest on returning to Southern California. Harrison is back for this week of shows and, after taking us through the amazingness that was his “vacation,” we talk about how seriously we should be taking these continued reports. Then, seeing as the Lakers aren’t playing any basketball of their own, we tried to figure out what this first round means for the Lakers. A few teams are at a crossroads, so can (or will) Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka take advantage?

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 2017-05-01  45m