Unorthodox is the world’s leading Jewish podcast - but you don’t have to be Jewish to love it! Hosted by Mark Oppenheimer, Stephanie Butnick, and Liel Leibovitz of Tablet Magazine, each episode we bring you interesting guests, News of the Jews, and so much more.


No Business Like Show Business

Tablet staffers Mark Oppenheimer, Liel Leibovitz, and Stephanie Butnick sound off about Jewish rapper Matisyahu getting booted from a Spanish reggae festival for refusing to condemn Israel; Jews in Hollywood signing off on the Iran deal; and former NWA manager Jerry Heller's portrayal in the new film "Straight Outta Compton." Katha Pollitt, longtime columnist for The Nation, discusses being portrayed by Patricia Clarkson in the upcoming film, "Learning to Drive," and the recent political attacks on Planned Parenthood. Comedian and musician Dave Hill, this week's non-Jewish guest, asks why Jews don't drink as much as Catholics and why Hasidic men don't take advantage of their fashion opportunity.   You can read Katha's columns for The Nation here: For more about Dave and his upcoming appearances, check out   Sign up for the weekly Unorthodox newsletter: Email us with comments, questions and ideas at

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 2015-08-20  41m