Can I Pet Your Dog?

Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!


CIPYD 54: Shadi Petosky and Alpine Mastiffs

Oh, hi there! Come in, come in! Don't just stand there letting all the air conditioning out!  Our morale is way up and we have a real bang-up episode for you! First, some presents from the PO Box. Then, in Dogs We Met This Week, Finn the Winking Wonder Dog! Renee tells us all about the extinct Alpine Mastiff in this week's Mutt Minute. A brand new segment this week: Drool School! Allegra shares some insight with first time dog owners. We're so excited to be joined this week by television/animation dynamo Shadi Petosky to hear all about her office dogs! Come in, cool off and enjoy!


 2016-08-02  53m