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Go Data Science with Daniel Whitenack

Data science is typically done by engineers writing code in Python, R, or another scripting language. Lots of engineers know these languages, and their ecosystems have great library support. But these languages have some issues around deployment, reproducibility, and other areas. The programming language Golang presents an appealing alternative for data scientists.

Daniel Whitenack transitioned from doing most of his data science work in Python to writing code in Golang. In this episode, Daniel explains the workflow of a data scientist and discusses why Go is useful. We also talk about the blurry line between data science and data engineering, and how Pachyderm is useful for versioning and reproducibility. Daniel works at Pachyderm, and listeners who are more curious about it can check out the episode I did with Pachyderm founder Joe Doliner.

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 2017-02-09  1h1m