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Making Money Online for Software Engineers with Courtland Allen

Engineers today have a variety of career options. You could go work for a large corporation, you could raise money and start a startup, you could freelance and move from job to job with freedom–or you could start a business with the goal of quickly becoming profitable.

Courtland Allen was a guest on Software Engineering Daily a few months ago, when he discussed Indie Hackers, a platform he built to share the stories of engineers building business on their own and making money.

We only touched the tip of the iceberg in our conversation, so I was excited to invite him to the first Software Engineering Daily Meetup, which occurred earlier this month. Today we are republishing his talk, and I would love to hear your feedback on this format. We will be experimenting more with new hosts and formats throughout 2017, and if you have ideas for the show or you are interested in hosting a show, please send me an email.

Also–the first Software Engineering Daily Meetup was fantastic–there were ~200 people showing up so we may have to cap attendance on the next one. Please join the Meetup group if you are interested, and we will let you know when we schedule our next event.

Show Notes

Courtland Allen slides in PDF.


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