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Learn English through Football Podcast: 2017 Women’s FA Cup - Languagecaster.com

Two more weekends of the Premier League to go and there is still much to play for at the top and the bottom of the tables. But that’s in the men’s game; the women have also been busy with a spring series and the Women’s FA Cup in England and we’ll be looking at that game too in this week’s show. We also explain some football language including the phrase ‘to go through a player‘ and of course we have some predictions.  Of course you can read the transcript for the show in our post below (Damian = DF, Damon = DB).
Learn English Through Football Podcast: 2017 Women’s FA Cup

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Transcript of the show
DF: You’re listening to Languagecaster’s football-language podcast. Hi everyone. Welcome to the show for all lovers of football and those wanting to sharpen up their English-language skills. My name’s Damian and I’m based in London where the weather is slowly warming up as summer approaches. Damon, of course, is in Tokyo, Japan but he is not with us today but will be back again next week. Now, apologies for the delay in this week’s podcast but both of us have been super busy at work but again we hope we return in our usual Saturday morning slot next weekend which will of course be the final game in this season‘s English Premier League.
Line up
DF: Of course, we know that Chelsea are now the new Champions of England, while we also know that the women’s game in England has been busy too recently – more on those stories later in the show in our good, the bad and the ugly section. After that, we’ve got a few football phrases to talk about, we have a quiz question, and three games in our regular predictions section.
DF: Yes, you are listening to languagecaster.com and that message was in German. Now, if you would like to record the message “You are listening to languagecaster” in your language then just send it on to us here at admin@languagecaster.com.
DF: OK, let’s start the good, the bad and the ugly section with some good news.

DF: Well, it was very good for Manchester City as they win the FA Cup in fine style with a 4-1 victory over Birmingham. They are also doing well in the Spring Series lying second behind Liverpool in the nine-team competition. I am, of course, talking about Manchester City’s women’s team not their male counterparts. The victory in the FA Cup, played at Wembley in front of over 35,000 fans, means that Manchester City hold all three domestic trophies: the Women’s Super League, the Women’s Super League Cup, and now the FA Cup. Well done Manchester City!
DF: I suppose before we move to bad, we should also say well done to Chelsea for clinching the title and to Real Madrid and Juventus for getting through to the Champions League final earlier on last week.
Well a week or so ago we congratulated some south coast teams on their promotions – Plymouth, Portsmouth and Brighton. But is has been bad for teams from another region of England. From the north east or east of England: Sunderland, Middlesbrough and, last weekend, Hull City have all been relegated. What about ugly?
DF: Well,


 2017-05-17  8m