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episode 55: Episode 55 - Intersectionality Recap with Michelle Johnson

We’re honored to have Michelle Johnson join us to recap the Intersectionality panel from Episode 54. Michelle is the Sprudgie award winning founder of The Chocolate Barista, creative marketing director at Barista Hustle, and a long-time friend of the show. Buckle up and take a listen! What We're Drinking

  • Michelle Johnson: Sudden Coffee
  • Brian Beyke: Ethiopia Bokasso from Ruby Coffee Roasters
  • Bryan Schiele: Ecuador La Guiglia from Peixoto Coffee
  • EP 54 - The Intersectionality Panel
  • Wikipedia: Intersectionality
  • Michelle’s Tamper Tantrum Talk - Laying the Groundwork for Diversity
  • Sprudge: At The Coffeewoman Panel: “Building Influence and Changing Power Structures”
  • Boss Barista Podcast
  • Barista Competition Needs a Refresh by Pete Licata
  • Maxwell Mooney’s Comments on Pete Licata’s Post
  • Barista Magazine: Degendering the Language of Customer Service by RJ Joseph
  • Barista Magazine: Cherry Roast: The All-Female Competition League You’ve Been Waiting For by Ashley Rodriguez
  • Barista Magazine: Hiring a Diverse Staff with Liz Dean of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters by Liz Dean
About Michelle Johnson:
  • 2016 Sprudgie Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence
  • Creative Marketing Director at Barista Hustle
  • Founder of The Chocolate Barista
  • Follow Michelle on her personal Instagram or Twitter or at The Chocolate Barista on Instagram or Twitter


 2017-05-18  1h25m