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5 Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life

What is your Extraordinary Life? That life that is full of purpose, deeply fulfilling and vibrantly joyful for you - whatever that is! In my signature course: Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary LIfe, I take the concepts of the Law of Attraction and break them down into 6 very distinct & tangible steps. You will learn how to manifest the life you really want. (And, yes, figuring out what you want is one of those steps!) What makes this program truly unique is we add yoga and essential oils to each step.  In this podcast, I will take you through each step so you can begin to do the work on your own. I will also share with you a bit about how to incorporate yoga and essential oils to enhance each step. Stepping into an EPIC summer of excitementa and inspiration in June 2017. Want to join me? Check it out here: Epic Summer. If you are enjoying this podcast after that date, check out the Five Steps program here.


 2017-05-31  31m