Torcana Real Estate Investment with Colin Murphy

Hosted by Colin Murphy, the Torcana podcasts are for anybody who wants to learn more about building a rental property portfolio with strong cashflow and stable tenants. In plain English and with lots of real life examples, Colin & his guests talk about the lessons learned and mistakes made when buying, renovating, managing and selling millions of dollars worth of rental properties. They focus on the nuts and bolts of real estate investing and try to give actionable and practical tips with every episode. How do you analyse deals? What is the best way to invest out of state or overseas? How can you find good managers and contractors? What are the major mistakes to avoid when renovating and renting? Tune into our podcasts for your answers!


Torcana Podcast 25: Interview with investment mortgage expert Graham Parham

If you want the inside track from an expert who helps investors get the best possible mortgages for their rental properties, then tune into todays show with special guest Graham Parham from Highlands Mortgage. Graham has been in the business 20 years and is probably the most investor friendly lender I have met to date. In this wide ranging interview we discuss - The types of loans investors are using to acquire rental properties - The different entities investors use (LLCs, IRAs, Trusts etc) and why they should be careful to avoid conflict with Fannie & Freddie rules - How HELOCs and 1031 exchanges can help turbo charge your portfolio - The new reserve requirements you need to be aware of - The importance of setting aside rainy day funds for emergencies - The biggest mistakes Graham has seen investors make and how to avoid them.. If anybody wants to contact Graham Parham directly, he can be reached via: Toll Free : (855)-326-6802 Email: Finally, please click on the link below to view/download a FREE two page PDF offering conventional loan guidelines for investors! Thanks as always for listening Colin Murphy 727 793 7547


 2017-07-12  43m