Everyone plays. Kids and adults. Men and women. Uptight or relaxed. Tall or short, from any place on the Earth and with any skin colour. We play with our hair and our food. We play when we tease our friends and family about their weird habits. We play videogames and boardgames. We roleplay as practice for a big interview or new job, or just for fun. Play is a natural part of being human, and even if we don't realise it we all spend at least some of the time every day playing. Ludiphilia is a highly-polished, thoroughly-edited collection of stories about how and why we play.


Episode 10: Beyond Monks (If Monks Had Macs part 2)

Life after If Monks Had Macs aka What Brian Thomas did next; ruminations on photography and the politics of art and play. (Based on an interview conducted in early January 2017.)

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Music credits:

  • NirvanaVEVO and The Life and Death of a Certain K Zabriskie Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie
  • Places Unseen and Under Suspicion by [Lee Rosevere](
  • Itsumo no y ni by Rolemusic
  • Wandering by [Steve Combs](
  • Epilogue by Visager
  • Anxiety, Behind Your Window, and Sunset by Kai Engel
  • Sacred Motion by staRpauSe
  • various songs from the original If Monks Had Macs jukebox
  • and a few untitled compositions by Richard Moss


 2017-07-16  39m