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Microsoft Services Premier Support gives you direct access to the world's top Microsoft technical experts, pairing you with a dedicated support team providing 24/7 hands-on assistance. "Taste of Premier" is dedicated to helping you maximize your company's IT infrastructure and development investment by showcasing the latest Microsoft products and services and demonstrating how these technologies can positively impact your bottom line.



Connecting Customers with Microsoft Product Teams

The Immerse program connects Microsoft Product, Support and Customer Account Teams for FREE customer onsite visits, remote collaborations and training events. Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes Chris Turner to the show, as they discuss how you can get involved with this amazing program for your organization.

  • [00:45] What is the Immerse program?
  • [03:08] What does an Immerse engagement typically entail? 
  • [04:50] Who is this program for? What kind of customers can take advantage of this program?
  • [05:53] What can't this program do?
  • [07:09] What technologies does the Immerse program cover?
  • [11:27] How can an organization get started with the Immerse program?

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 2017-07-17  14m