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episode 394: Dow Jones AWS S3 bucket exposed. FedEx 10-K and NotPetya. Game of Thrones torrent virus. Securing voting. Botnet defense research. M&A and VC notes. Initial coin offering hacked.

In today's podcast, we hear about how another tippy AWS S3 bucket spills its contents over the Web. The FedEx 10-K report indicates it may never fully recover systems and data hit by NotPetya. Virus hides in Game of Thrones torrent. Harvard's Belfer Center wants to secure electronic voting. Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security consider moonshot research to take out botnets. M&A and venture funding notes. Justin Harvey from Accenture on fileless malware. Robert Hamilton from Imperva Incapsula on DDoS attacks on video game servers. And an initial coin offering gets hacked.

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 July 19, 2017  16m