Army Reserve Today

U.S. Army Reserve is a fifteen minute produced news program highlighting Army Reserve Soldiers, units, commands, families and others who make up our grass roots support base world-wide.


Army Reserve Today Episode 20

The July 2017 episode of Army Reserve Today, the quarterly video news magazine of the U.S. Army Reserve -- the most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation -- features these stories: Best Warrior....Soldier compete to earn the title of Best Warrior for the Army Reserve. Who earns the title of NCO and Soldier of the Year. Road to Awesome...LTG Charles D. Luckey outlines his vision on where the U.S. Army Reserve is headed. Operation Cold Steel....Soldiers send hot lead down range as they qualify on crew served weapons. Beyond the Horizon....How Army Reserve Engineers use their skills to aid a local school in Belize. These stories and more in the edition of Army Reserve Today


 2017-07-27  30m