I&I&I with Boogz, Bolo and Dj Bart Belo

Aaron (aka Bolo), Brandon (aka Dj Bart Belo) and Berny (aka Boogz) have taken their love for music and started a podcast to share that love with everyone else. They will not only be discussing their own creations and contributions to the music scene, but will also be interviewing both local and international artists as well as providing exclusive performances that you will not be able to hear anywhere else. Make sure you listen in every week to the new show to get opinions on not only music but sports, movies, tv and whatever else makes them laugh.



E003 I&I Podcast **We Make Music Too**

We have made it thru another week so that means another podcast. We talk about how the Chargers are making us feel right now, the pros and cons about us recording our next album at home, the foods that make us the happiest, our picks (and listener picks)for the albums that we would want with us on a desert island and a bunch of other things. Thank you for listening!!!

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 October 26, 2015  1h38m