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Rethinking The New User Experience

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host Jake Orlowitz Guest Sneha Narayan Guest

Being the newbie in any online community can be a daunting experience that can either go well or terribly depending on an array of technical and social factors. In the Wikipedia ecosystem, stimulating and keeping new editors has long been a topic of interest for both the present and the future of this beloved resource.

This was part of the inspiration that led to a research experiment entitled “The Wikipedia Adventure”, where new users got to try out a gamified version of the first time editor experience, the subject of much discussion around the internet. Today on the podcast its the Wikipedia Adventure, with researchers Sneha Narayan and Jake Orlowitz.

Correction from Sneha: I misspoke a little around the 5 minute mark – I claim Wikipedia’s sharp growth in editors happened about 4 years after it actually did. Oops! In reality, the community gained a lot of contributors starting in 2003, peaked in 2007, and then began to slowly decline.


 2017-07-28  30m