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Episode 24: Faith-Based Business Networking

In this episode of Bella in Your Business, Bella offers up a recording of talk she gave to a faith-based business networking group in her area. In the talk she discusses approaching networking from a faith-based point of view.
She says that successful networking results from:

* Listening
* Caring
* Taking time to build trust
* Influence
* Finding “family” in networking

She offers some quick, but poignant tips:

* Better to get a card then leave a card
* Go to a lot of events. Arrive early and leave late
* Get around people that you like
* Ask someone out for coffee
* Don’t be a “promoter” of your company
* Networking is always about “them” and not you.
* Don’t be afraid to cast your net or you won’t find those relationships
* Ask God to be your Holy business partner
* Shine your light!

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 2016-11-17  20m