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episode 57: Episode 57 - KRUVE

Grind size remains one of the most challenging and inconsistently communicated aspects of coffee brewing. Despite having a consistent language to communicate temperature, water chemistry, brew ratios, etc. it's often frustrating to nail down a repeatable grind size and share that information with others. Today we're joined by Karol and Adam Krupa from KRUVE to talk about how their coffee sifter solves that problem, allowing every cup to taste its best. They explain how the KRUVE came to be, who it's best suited for, and some tips and tricks to getting the most out of it. FOR OUR LISTENERS! Save 10% off through August using IBREW10 on KRUVE's store! Shownotes

  • KRUVE’s Original Kickstarter Campaign
  • Barista Magazine Online: The KRUVE Sifter Ensures a Uniform Grind Size
  • Prima Coffee's KRUVE Overview Video
  • James Hoffman's KRUVE Sifter Review
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 2017-08-03  58m