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Community Spirit Talk - Guest, Carolyn Jaymes, Holistic coach, author.

Community Spirit Talk with your host Angel, The Bellydancing Medium Featuring guest readers, practitioners and personalities from the community.  To answer questions, give insight and so much more.  Today's guest: Carolyn Jaymes is an award-winning entrepreneur and a reluctant author. Originally feeling uncomfortable sharing this story and arguing with herself: If I tell anyone that the man of my heart, who died 20 years ago, asked to come back and switch places with my husband's body - I'd be locked up in a rubber room! Finally, after years of this internal dialog, she sat down at her computer and began to write. What flowed out of her is the incredible true story of the journey of two souls in A Life By Request. An expert in marketing and business communications, she has worked with presidential candidates, celebrities, and national nonprofit organizations. Shortly after starting her own epicurean catering business in the early eighties, she was nationally recognized for the success and quick growth of her business. Jaymes has been featured in Fast Company, the Boston Globe, and several other publications, as well as television and radio. A Life by Request is her first book. Callers are welcome.  Dial in at: (323) 642-1207