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Festival City is a podcast from Edinburgh, the world capital of theatre and comedy, and home to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe — the largest arts festival in the world. Hosted by theatre editor and critic Gareth K Vile, we welcome guest performers, directors and writers into The List's attic recording studio to talk theatre, comedy, dance and anything else that takes our fancy. As well as sharing the world of the Edinburgh Fringe with our far-flung listeners, we’ll be talking to arts programmers and curators around the world about their own festivals and institutions.



Festival City #5 | One person shows at the Fringe

It's a special triple bill as we move into week two of the Fringe: and we are getting serious and excited about the plethora of performers banging on the door to get onto the podcast. Kicking off with a chat with a bin-man, host Gareth K Vile decides to share the reasons for his fear of baked beans with performer David William Bryan, whose show Trashed at Underbelly is a booze-fulled sucker punch of a play. Gareth moves swiftly onto his next guest, Nicola Wren from Replay (Pleasance Courtyard), who admits that she rather likes being at the Fringe. Finally, Joanne Ryan delves into Ireland's sexual health history in Eggsistentialism, an autobiographical comedy about trying to figure out whether to have children and all the cultural baggage that comes with that in her home country.

Show notes
00:00:10 – Intro and David William Bryan interview for Trashed
00:14:08 – Nicola Wren for Replay
00:23:18 – Joanne Ryan for Eggsistentialism
00:36:09 – Outro and thanks

Festival City Podcast is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Scott Henderson (producer). Intro music by The Joy Drops. Supported by SGSAH.

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 2017-08-15  36m