Across The Tracks

The foundation of Mr. Sonny James' DJ career is hip-hop, soul, funk, and jazz. In this weekly radio show, Sonny and co-host Fatnice dig deeper for some of the feel good music that help set the tone for who they are today. Soul as a concept is not outdated and the traditional hip-hop culture these two Philadelphia ambassadors represent is NOT disposable. Get on board and take the weekly ride with us Across The Tracks and you'll be looking for more.


Across The Tracks Ep. 107

Sonny is grinding it out in LA with his new role at The Serato Studio. Nice is in Atlanta watching old Cosby and Different World episodes and getting his son to binge on them. All this, the end of the Carmichael Show and more on ATT Radio. Skir Skirt...


 2017-08-05  1h1m