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On air readings & inspiration with Angel, The Bellydancing Medium

My name is Angel and I am The Belly Dancing Medium.  I am a medium, channel and intuitive life coach and my mission in life is to help individuals find their passions in life and leap forward into abundant prosperity in all areas of their lives.  I consider myself an Oracle and pride myself in being someone who brings my clients the keys to taking actions to get what they are looking for in all areas of their lives.   You can join me each week in Ignite Your Life to hear inspiration and enlightened messages from the masters and have your questions answered on the air.  I only have a short amount of time so each broadcast, Call in at (323) 642-1207, if you do get through, please ; State your first name; Ask your question (no requests for general readings; please); Ask one question please; Follow-up questions can be handled off line, please contact Angel via her webpage if you need more insights ~ Calls to be kept to approximately 3 minutes to allow as many callers the ability to get through.  Follow the show before you leave and find us on Facebook: The New Age Guild Website | The New Age Guild Facebook Page


 2017-08-17  1h7m