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A comedic Lifestyle podcast with everything the NewMan is up to from gardening, cooking, being a stay at home dad, farming, living off the land, sports and pretty much anything the Newman can think of. oh who am i kidding its rambling of a lunatic



Whats Happening With The NewMan Ep 62 - Tribute

This is a tribute, to the greatest podcast in the world.

what could of been with rubish sound quality i had to rerecord the podcast, so this is not the greatest podcast in the world this is a tribute.

i cover most things i remembered from the first podcast so hopefully yopu will still enjoy,

from a joey at play group to maybe the greatest song in the world "there's only one Conner McGregor"

to a new podcast coming out soon with The Newman and his brother Jason.


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 2017-08-25  22m