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episode 18: NIST Cybersecurity Framework [Special Editions]

Having a set of standards by which to measure your security organization, being able to compare your security posture to other organizations, and being able to justify your choices to investors and insurance firms are all worthwhile goals? It’s beneficial to have widely agreed upon standards of care and measurement in cyber security, to help know where you stand, where there’s room for improvement, and what’s important to you.

That’s where frameworks come in, and the NIST cybersecurity framework is one of the most popular in the cybersecurity industry. In this CyberWire special edition, we’ll examine frameworks in general and the NIST cybersecurity framework specifically, to see if adopting them is worth the time, energy and expense it takes.

Joining us are Rick Tracy, Chief Security Officer for Telos corporation, Rafal Los, Managing Director of the Solutions and Programs insight group at Optiv Security, and Matt Barrett, Program Manager for the Cyber Security Framework at NIST. Stay with us.

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 August 30, 2017  28m